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Drive Your Brand With Vehicle Wrap Design

The appearance and distinctive branding of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles visually describes and subconsciously relays the quality and reliability of the services you provide to your every day market, and the type of business you are or have become. Image is everything!

Securing new business is now more difficult than ever, so it is extremely important to make a good impression and one of professional impact, stand out from the crowd and get noticed. A vehicle wrap is an investment into your business marketing and advertising and will show a very quick return.

We can transform your vehicles into striking mobile advertising billboards that will promote your company and its services every hour of the day, every day of the week with vibrant, eye catching and stimulating vehicle graphic solutions.

You can discuss your ideas with the designers or just give us the basic information you wish to be present on your vehicle and leave the rest to us. We’ll produce the graphical inspiration you’re looking for.

We often design more than one concept, giving you plenty of choice and allowing you to make the final decision on the design, drawing from other concept areas and creating the perfect final design or advertising display for your vehicle wrap.

Once complete, Mediavandals has a preferred vehicle wrap supplier that will take you through the next steps after your design has been approved.

Alternately, if you would prefer to go through your own local print supplier, just let us know at the start of the project and we’ll make sure the proper files are ready for hand off once design is complete!

“We have never been disappointed with any of the designs. great quality and speedy turn around at a fair price. Stop looking, you’ve found exactly who you need!”
-The Van Stiphout Group
Q. What can be wrapped?
A. We specialize in design for vehicle wraps, interior/exterior building wraps, and event graphics. However almost anything can be wrapped and we would love to hear about any unique project that you may have in mind.
Q. How long does it take to have a vehicle wrapped?
A. Once the design is approved, a standard vehicle can be printed and installed within approximately 10-15 days. Installation will take about 1 full day to complete depending on the size of your vehicle.
Q. How long will my wrap last?
A. With proper care a wrap can usually last up to 5 years. Vehicle wraps will also protect your paint during this time.
Q. Will I be able to see out of my windows?
A. Yes. Perforated window film allows an image to exist on a window with minimal vision loss. It can be compared to looking through a screen door. However, legally the windshield, front passenger and driver side windows cannot be wrapped.
Q. Will it damage my vehicles paint? Can I wrap a leased vehicle?
A. Actually, the covered surfaces are protected from the elements. Once removed it leaves no trace. This applies to original factory paint. If your vehicle has been repainted, please inform us before starting your project as a spot test may be required.
Q. In the event of an accident can a panel be replaced?
A. Yes it is possible to reprint a portion of the wrap and have it reapplied.
Q. Does my vehicle need to be clean when I drop it off?
YES! Your vehicle needs to be clean so the wrap can properly bond to the car. A quick run through the car wash should be sufficient. Please AVOID WAXING before bringing your car in.

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