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About Mediavandals



We’re basically the thugs of media who vandalize the traditional, stodgy way of doing things. We’re your go-to website and graphic design hoodlums who balk at vanilla ideas and live for creating the unexpected!


Whether you’re new to the scene and need to build an online presence, or you’ve been around the block but need a makeover to stand out from the competition, Mediavandals is here for you. We will hold your hand and listen to your wants and needs. We’ll only have eyes for you and our team of experts will deploy a custom solution unique to your vision. Want to stay small and local with your brand? We can do that. Want to blow it up online and show the world who’s boss? We can take you there, too. You’ll be rocking the online scene with your sleek, mobile-optimized, SEO-prepped website, ready to take your online marketing to the next level. Like VIP level, baby.


First and foremost- caffeine. Lots of caffeine. Maybe a nice bagel or pastry, too. Once our grey matter is fuelled, we’re ready to roll with the sheer determination to learn as much about you and your business as we can. That way, we can design a very distinctive voice for your brand that will catapult you where you want be. Our dynamic team will give your ideas CPR and before you know it, your brand will be a living, breathing, tangible, beautiful thing.

Some Fun Facts

Inception: December 2009

How we got our name: It’s a really long and epic story that unfortunately, we cannot disclose here due to limited space. Come on in and we’d be happy to share our glorious tale of how Mediavandals came to be.

Pumping our own tires: Mediavandals has received nominations in the Canadian music industry for our graphic design skills at the CCMAs for the “Packaging Design of the Year” Award multiple times (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016), taking home the award in 2015!

Press Clippings

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of great people, some of whom have wrote stories about us! Click on the article titles below to check out some of the articles.

Local Artist Wins Country Music Award
Local Artist Gets CCMA Nomination
Local Designers Up For CCMA Award
Mediavandals Visits Daytime TV

Website Project Inquiry

Interested in working with us or have a project you’d like to discuss? We’d be delighted and excited to add you to our amazing roster of clients!

Challenge us to create or revamp your brand and you won’t be disappointed! Mediavandals may be thugs, but we’re thugs with big brains, big ideas and most of all, big hearts! Simply click the button below to get started.


"I found Mediavandals by fluke while looking at another website that they did and contacted them. Sheila and Brandon met with me right away, they listened to what I wanted, gave their opinions and had my website up and running right on schedule. I have been using them for over a year and cannot say enough about their service. They have a good response time and get everything I need done in a timely matter. I would highly recommend them."
Ann Powell
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