Merry Christmas VS Happy Holidays

Now that it is mid-November Christmas is in full swing! Social media is littered with pictures of family trees and the neighbours are putting up lights-


In the left corner: Merry Christmas

In the right corner: Happy Holidays

Some narrow-minded people get caught up with this insane argument that Christmas is superior than every other holiday in December and begin the constant complaining about their refusal to be politically correct and that it is some big hoopla to tell someone  “Happy Holidays.”

It is just tradition beating us in the heads and people forgetting to realize that there are also over a dozen other days to be celebrated in the month of December other than Christmas Day. It’s ironic how many people who celebrate Christmas are also the ones that trample their neighbours on Black Friday.

Personally, I love Christmas. I love hanging out with my family. My son’s birthday is Christmas Eve, and the whole month is filled with baked goods. Also, after New Years winter tends to be too cold and stretched out to enjoy wholeheartedly. That being said I am not forcing anyone to comply with my celebrations and part of me feels guilty even making my son participate in the insanity. I wish everyone a Happy Holidays.

Majority of Canadians relate the December break directly to the Christmas holiday, an online poll by Angus Reid Global conducted last year found that over 80% of Canadians feel the holiday is far too commercial and less than a third actually attend a religious service.


We are more diverse than ever. We have access to all of this information readily at our fingertips, yet we argue over semantics like Happy Holidays. It should come down to common sense. If you know someone celebrates Christmas, feel free to wish them a merry one, but if they obviously celebrate another day, or maybe not one at all, wish them a Happy Holiday or mix it up a bit with a Seasons Greetings.

Can you imagine!? Someone walking up to you in a grocery store with a huge smile telling you “Seasons Greetings?” How unforgivable. How dare they wish cheer upon you without spouting some possible offensive and overused saying.

That is the reason that stores use Happy Holidays and schools don’t focus on Christmas anymore. They want everyone to feel included, regardless of their beliefs.


End this #WarOnChristmas insanity. There is no war on any specific holiday, if anything it is a war on narrow mindedness and exclusion. In the iconic words of John Lennon, “War is over if you want it.”


Gas Prices Lowest In Years

gaspricesI am driving down the street, I look to my left at a bright digital sign and I cannot believe my eyes. I must be dreaming! There is no way that I just saw gas prices at barely over a dollar!

Last week gas was is the lowest it has been in FIVE YEARS and I was not hearing any complaints, only more good rumours of it dropping even more. It is hard to believe that just a few short months ago we were swimming just under 150 a litre.

Although the last couple days it has been fluctuating at on average 5-8 cents higher, so what is going on? Are the big rig oil companies messing with us again, itching to get our hopes up only to drag us back down to reality. Some cities in Ontario, especially the GTA, watched gas prices jump 11 cents in 24 hours.

Gas is expected to continue to drop and hit its lowest between mid-November to mid-January, and comparatively gas prices are still much lower than usual even after a price increase, the public is befuddled at the continuous game that is the global gas market.

First we are being told that gas is high because of conflicts overseas and low supplies, now we’re told that Iraq and Russia are not effecting our supply and because of some wonderful deal with another country that probably has been manipulated, we are seeing the results at the pump.

Blah, blah, blah…

“Gas prices are the lowest they’ve been since 2012.”

“Gas expected to continue to plummet.”

Wait for it…

Gas skyrockets after…”

“Gas too expensive, Americans learn to commute.”

“Non-Work Trucks OUTLAWED”


… Well, maybe not those last ones, but we can dream right.

Fat Cats want their money, and the weather is crappy and getting cold, so oil production is up but the market is down because people aren’t interested in road trips in the winter time. Some are attributing it all to a wonderful combination of a strong dollar, and too large of a reserve.

This all adds up to a reduction in the prices we see, because at the end of the day the money still needs to be made and smart businessmen would rather drop the prices a few cents and still see those profit margins with everyone running to the pumps to fill up, than gouging pockets even more by sucking up those extra dollars and risk further enraging consumers.

I say let them drop! Just like a strippers panties, who wants to see them stay up. Even if only until after the holiday season, commuters will be more than grateful for the few extra dollars they get to keep at the end of every week and that influx will result in a stronger financial system. Sounds too good to be true.

So if I wake up to an increase I’m staging a coup d’etat! I know there will be some crazy Canucks out there praying for these prices to stay down, hopeful to enjoy a winter full of snowmobiling and maybe making some chainsaw ice sculptures. If they continue to rise over the winter were all going to need to work on our igloo building skills, because we’re going to be living in them.

The Curse of the Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs - Losers since '67Hello out there we’re on the air, it’s hockey night tonight…

It is the time of year where Torontonians bleed blue blood and although our team is the worst in the league, our passion for hockey is unwavering. Unfortunately, this year we have already been voted the worst franchise in ANY league before the puck even dropped.

Still we hold second for the most cups ever won, and at one point the Leafs were a team not to be messed with, so how did we become so bad? The Curse of the Maple Leafs is a folklorish tale involving death, missing players and 46 years of barely coming close to a cup. For any Tragically Hip fans, you may be familiar with part of this story.

It all started with Bill Barilko, a Leafs defenceman that (only had scored six goals during regular season,) scored the winning goal after meeting up with Canadiens in five consecutive over-time games in 1951. At this point the Leafs and the Canadiens were competitive rivals and battled regularly for the hockey reign. But all of Barilko’s glory was short lived, as he went missing four months later on a fishing trip.

As The Tragically hip wrote in their hit song Fifty Mission Cap, Bill Barilko disappeared, that summer, he was on a fishing trip. The last goal he ever scored, won the Leafs the cup. They didn’t win another, ’till 1962, the year he was discovered.”

And that’s the truth! They won the cup in ’42, ’45, ’47, ’48, and ’51, but after Barilko’s disappearance they didn’t take home a cup for 11 years, until Barilko’s body was found in 1962 in a plane wreckage 36 kilometres off course. He was on his way home from Quebec where he was on a fishing trip with his dentist.

The Leafs didn’t win another cup for another 11 years after they found Barilko either. In ’62, Leaf lovers thought their curse was broken and they continued to win three consecutive cups and four in total that decade (’62, ’63, ’64, ’67).

They’ve not had a single cup since. 46 years since Toronto gained the glory, although we still are number two for most cups won.

Also, in ’62 Conn Smythe, the owner and coach who dubbed their grammatically wrong name Toronto Maple Leafs”, sold nearly all of his shares to his son, Stafford and a couple other conglomerates. Immediately following the transaction, the Leafs won a hat-trick of cups, along with the victory in ’67.

Soon after Stafford fell ill and died in ’71. All of his shares were quickly bought by his partners and Maple Leaf Gardens commercialized, ripping out the 48-year-old gondola games were once broadcasted in, replacing them with private boxes. The Gardens slowly became more tainted and was sold and turned into a Real Canadian Superstore in 2004.

During the 70’s, the World Hockey Association was born and 12 teams were added. Everything we knew and loved about hockey was changing forever. What does that say about our beloved Leafs? Once triumphed over all others (minus those Habs) now voted worst team, ever. Yet still social media is filled with banter about how this year is going to be the year.

How has this become of the team that once introduced Wendel Clark, Darryl Sittler, Doug Gilmour and Felix Potvin, who coincidentally all made names for themselves on other teams.

What is it that has stained the franchise so? Barilko? Smythe and The Gardens? Although Toronto is the NHL’s most valuable team, valued at 1.15 BILLION DOLLARS, it is no longer the team of Johnny Bower and Tim Horton, (both who have been idolized by corporations,) all of that revenue has not made a difference in our success rate.

One thing we do know- The Leafs are cursed!

Oh the good old hockey game, it’s the best game you can name…

Toronto Maple Leafs - 3x5 Flag - Blue

Why Autumn Is The Best Season

The summer is coming to a close and it will be officially fall in just a few days. Most people love the fun and warm weather that summer brings, but comparatively summer falls short of autumn. Here are ten reasons that autumn is the best time of year.


Courtesy of Pinterest

1. Activities are inexpensive. Summer fun is all about theme parks, attractions and expensive excursions, but this season is filled with hayrides, baking, leaves, and pumpkin patches. The only expensive thing about October is Halloween, and lets face it, dressing up for free candy is a win-win.

2. Everything becomes itself again. It is true that leaves are actually the colour we see them in fall. They return to their natural colour after a summer of photosynthesizing, which fills them with so much chlorophyl that they turn green! On that note, say goodbye to diets and squeezing into fashionable clothing, and hello to big warm sweaters and ass-widening baked goods and comfort foods.

3 Sports fans reunite! Here come the world series, regular season football and hockey all in one big a-game-for-every-night-of-the-week kind of way. Although get use to people whining about how bad their favourite teams are doing, because somehow we all love the underdog.

4 Halloween. FREE CANDY AND DRESSING UP?! Oh, yes. Plus who doesn’t love a good scare? Around Halloween you can expect a good horror movie to hit theatres, Monster Mash to be playing in stores and the best thing about Halloween… haunted houses!

5 Thanksgiving. Turkey! Gobble gobble gobble! It has been ages since it was cold enough outside to dare to even turn on the over, never mind spending all day baking a delicious turkey dinner with all the fixings. Suddenly family comes out of the woodwork to gather around an amazing feast and be thankful just to have the time to spend with one another.

6 Apples. Apples are just as important to fall as pumpkins. Apple pies, caramel and candy apples, apple bobbing, apple picking, and the list can really go on forever… Apple cider!? Fresh?! From a farm!! Sign me up! Along with apples it is harvest season, so all the good pickings just in time for Thanksgiving.

7 TV is back! Summer re-runs are over and new episodes of all your favourite shows are on every night of the week. Between that, sports, and all these baked goods, it looks like were packing on the winter weight early.


Courtesy of Pinterest

8 Extra sleep because of daylight savings time. Are you going to complain with an extra hour of sleep? Granted that it gets darker faster and colder by the day but that makes it even easier to get in that comfortable hibernation mode. No more 5 in the morning sunshine blaring through your window and annoying blue jays squawking in the tree outside making it impossible to sleep in. Warm comfortable bed on a chilly night, no more sweating buckets sleeping with only a sheet on praying for a breeze to appear at your window. Now we can brake out the warm cost blankets and fuzzy socks.

9 The sheer beauty of the season. Leaves may be the best and worst thing about autumn. The colour change is one of natures on phenomenon that you can see from space. The earth turns from bright green to a rustic red and jumping into piles of leaves is hilariously fun. But, you have to rake them and those piles consist of dirt and bugs. Either way, a nice drive through the country is breathtakingly beautiful this time of year.

10 Last, but agreeably the greatest thing in the world- NO MORE MOSQUITOES! No more bites and itching and bussing in your ear! No more gross, stinky, chemical-filled repellents or spending money on products that don’t work.

All in all the wonders of the season have just begun! So goodbye summer and hello fall, we welcome you with open, and not-so-sweaty arms. Some are reluctant to say goodbye to beaches and sunburns, but we have a lot of wonderful festivities to look forward to and some much needed family time, and that is why autumn is the best season.

Mediavandals’ Third Canadian Country Music Awards Nomination

ico1The Vandals are at it again!

As the Canadian Country Music Awards approach, the Mediavandals have been honoured with a nomination for Album Design of the Year. They’ve been nominated for the album “Light Up The Night by up and coming artist and Saskatchewan native Jess Moskaluke who has recently received a gold record for her single “Cheap Wine and Cigarettes.

The hardware will be given at the first award show kicking off Country Music Week in Edmonton. These awards highlight the best and brightest professionals in various achievements and Mediavandals privilege to embrace their third consecutive nomination to date.

With country music expanding and competition getting fierce, this nomination only accentuates the amount of dedication the team gives on every project. Over 3 million viewers turn in to these awards, although the industry awards will not be televised, you can see why such recognition is pivotal for the future success of MV.

This is the success achieved by working hard and dreaming big!

Hey Romeo’s Twist of Fate, Chad Brownlee’s Love Me Or Leave were their first shots at the industry gold and they’re hoping to take it home this year. The Canadian Country Music Week and the Canadian Country Music Awards, specifically the industry awards will begin September 4th.  Wish them luck!


For more information, please visit or contact

Established in 2009, Mediavandals is a full service design firm based in Oshawa, ON.  Lead by Sheila Hash and Brandon Heard, the team brings decades of experience working with a bevy of clientele across a wide variety of industry, whilst specializing entertainment.  Past clients include pro athletes Kevin Miehm and Adam Foote (formerly of the NHL), radio show TSN SportBeats, Hey Romeo, Chad Brownlee, Ubisoft (Just Dance, Rocksmith) and the Beaches International Jazz Festival.  Key services include: Web design & development, graphic design, social media, monetized Internet marketing, branding services and e-commerce solutions.