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6 Tips FOr a Better Networking Experience
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6 Tips for a Better Networking Experience

7 MIN READ In this post I want to chat with you about networking and the reason why I’m choosing this topic for today’s blog post, is because last night I had the pleasure of having conversation with woman I had met through a Facebook “Women in Business” networking group. She had noticed my intro post to the

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6 Tips for better Google reviews
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6 Tips for Better Google Reviews

16 MIN READ In today’s post, I’m going to be talking to you a little bit about client reviews, how to ask for them and how to manage them. Last week, I sent out an email to a number of clients and I asked them “what’s the biggest struggles you’re having right now? What can I help you

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Viewer Mail: How do you work virtually with clients?
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Reader Mail: How do you work virtually with clients?

7 MIN READ Today is another male bag day! I received a question from one of our Instagram followers asking me “how do you deal with clients virtually in a COVID-19 landscape.. or in any landscape?” Well @sexyskinny69, that is actually a fantastic question! It is something that we deal with every day, and have dealt with almost

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Project Application
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The Perfect Formula For Writing Blog Posts

7 MIN READ In 2014, LookBookHQ (now PathFactory) revealed that 44% of marketers find creating content  to be their top challenge. Isn’t that crazy? 44% of marketers! These are the guys that do this for a living and yet they find creating content to be one of their top challenges! The problem lies in that even if you

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"A HUGE thank you to Keith at Brandvan and Brandon at Mediavandals who have been dealing with our crazy timelines and designs these last couple of weeks (and they haven’t complained once). We really appreciate everything the two of you are doing, and your willingness to work on this at all hours of the day. Our work and presence in the community and industry is going to be amplified immensely because of how good we’re going to look doing it. I am SO EXCITED. We will be turning a lot of heads!"
Rob Ironside
Fresh Routes Calgary
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