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SEO Tips for Small & Medium Businesses (SMEs)

4 MIN READ Introduction SEO has been around for a while now, but it has never been more important for business success. This blog post will explain what SEO is, why SEO should form an integral part of any company marketing strategy, and how you can improve your website’s SEO immediately.  What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Is a DIY website really Do It Yourself?

3 MIN READ You like it, but does Google? You needed a new website, but with all the DIY options out there, you didn’t think it was necessary to pony up the cost of a professional. You’re not a web designer, but hey, you wear a million hats while running your business, how hard could it be to

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Time to Set-up A Email For Your Business? Discover Why You Should Have A Custom Business Email Address Instead Of Gmail or Hotmail.

4 MIN READ In this blog post you will discover why you should have a custom business email address and learn how to create a custom email address for your company in simple (and affordable) steps. Why is a business email important? The problem is you spent time and money to build a business website to market your

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"A HUGE thank you to Keith at Brandvan and Brandon at Mediavandals who have been dealing with our crazy timelines and designs these last couple of weeks (and they haven’t complained once). We really appreciate everything the two of you are doing, and your willingness to work on this at all hours of the day. Our work and presence in the community and industry is going to be amplified immensely because of how good we’re going to look doing it. I am SO EXCITED. We will be turning a lot of heads!"
Rob Ironside
Fresh Routes Calgary
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