Our Top Secret Spy Blueprints and Stuff.

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Dossier noun

dos·​sier | \ ˈdȯs-ˌyā , ˈdäs-; ˈdȯ-sē-ˌā, ˈdä-\
Definition of dossier: a file or collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject.

Really, these are just a collection of Client Case Studies showing some of the recent custom projects we’ve completed and what was involved, but “Case Studies” sounds so cliche.. Client Dossiers sounds like some super spy sh*t.. don’t ya think?

Either way, we hope you find the below “Dossier” records informative!


"A HUGE thank you to Keith at Brandvan and Brandon at Mediavandals who have been dealing with our crazy timelines and designs these last couple of weeks (and they haven’t complained once). We really appreciate everything the two of you are doing, and your willingness to work on this at all hours of the day. Our work and presence in the community and industry is going to be amplified immensely because of how good we’re going to look doing it. I am SO EXCITED. We will be turning a lot of heads!"
Rob Ironside
Fresh Routes Calgary
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