Make Your Next Website Project a Winner

Custom Website Design


Our website design process provides a logical path from start to finish, and is intended to provide you with a great experience as we work together on this initiative. Each stage of the process is intended to help set expectations as to what will be provided for your investment.


Kick-off: We begin every project with what is known as the ‘Kick-off Meeting’ if a Discovery Session has not already taken place. This is a critical first step and an opportunity for your team and our team to get introduced. This step is all about information-gathering to learn more about your business and industry, your target market and customers, and the ultimate goal/aim for the website. NOTE: Once this session is complete, if the original scope of the project has changed, we will revisit the proposal for any revisions that need to take place and a new estimate. Project Planning: With a firm understanding of the results you need, we’ll then draft up a Project Brief document containing the site map, timelines, user journey, functionality requirements and wireframes. Much like building a house, this document will become the blueprint throughout the life of your website creation.


Design: Once discovery is complete, we’ll begin laying out how the website will look with web page elements such as the imagery, menu items, contact forms and your business colours & branding. We’ll create a realistic mockup of your homepage and schedule a review with you over a screen sharing video chat so we can walk you through the thought process behind your new design. At this point, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any changes you would like to see and if they will work with the goals of your new website. Once the homepage is approved, we will begin layout of the internal page designs.

Programming: Once design is approved by you, we’ll begin building a fully function, mobile responsive working prototype of your new WordPress website on our servers so that you can review your new website before approving for launch.

We’ll remain in close contact with you, providing weekly check-ins that include information on:

  • What tasks were completed last week
  • What tasks are happening this week
  • A list of anything we need from you at that point in time


At this point, you’ll receive training on how to make text & image updates to your new website, and once training is complete, we’ll then migrate the site from our development servers to your live server, and archive the development site for quick, easy and safe edits in the future. Once your website project has been paid in full, it now belongs to you!


Your new website comes with a 30 day technical warranty to cover any bugs that may appear upon launch due to differing server technologies, we will also correct any errors for up to 30 days after site launch. After this you are free to provide your own website maintenance and security backup protocols, or you will may subscribe to one of our ongoing Website Care Plans to make sure your website is looked after and maintained.


As you can see, creating a successful website takes more than just a good looking design. Research and planning are the key to success in converting viewers into customers. If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, or are not sure of your exact needs, a discovery workshop might be the perfect way to discover the right solution for your business. 


Your website is crucial to your business. It generates leads, customers and revenue (or at least it should). It’s a channel through which customers, suppliers, potential new staff and partners will find you and engage with you. It is fundamental to the success of your business and you want peace of mind that it will be up and available for your audience 24/7 without interruption. This service is designed to offer you the assurance that you have a skilled partner who can help you achieve your online objectives. Keep your focus on the prize, your business, and leave the heavy lifting to us, we’ve got your back. Working with us means your website will continue to drive attention and customers into your business at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do it yourself.


It really depends on the size of your project. No two business’ needs are exactly the same, therefore we always start with a Discovery Session to talk about the details of your project and your business goals. After our meeting, we can give you a realistic timeline and project cost.

We build custom websites that include a 4 stage process of discovery / design / launch / support. This requires proper planning and research to make sure we’re delivering a quality product that will help convert visitors into customers.

For a smaller website, the budget is typically between $3000-$5000. This price will increase depending on how large the project is and the amount or work required to achieve your business goals.

A new website is about growing your business and leveraging your brand story, so we like to focus on the payoff, if your site is generating leads that help you increase your sales, isn’t the investment in a new website worth it?

We use a content management system (CMS) to build your website, which means when we’re done, you’ll be able to make edits to the content. But before we turn the keys over to you, we’ll provide training to make sure you understand how the CMS works and how to use it. We’re also more than happy to help you with your ongoing marketing efforts by providing print materials, blogging services, and strategic consulting.

Most business owners wear many hats and prefer to keep their focus on running the day to day, if that’s you, we can provide ongoing support through one of our Website Care Plans.

Depending on the requirements of a project and the budget, we may use premium plugins to create the desired effect. That said, we do not use any plugins that we don’t feel confident will continue running efficiently moving forward and our sites are built with future releases of both the plugins and WordPress itself in mind.

We try to keep plugins down to the bare minimum (contact forms, SEO, e-commerce) and rely on native WordPress as much as possible during the built.

Any plugins used in a website should be acquired from premium providers such as Gravity Forms and Yoast SEO, both of whom are tested and have been well known in the WordPress community for years. Using plugins can help keep the programming costs down and premium providers are reputable companies with full support teams of their own, which we feel is incredibly important when choosing the plugins that will be used in a website.

If you have subscribed to one of our Website Care Plans, rest soundly knowing that we always make sure to test plugin updates on a duplicate of your site before applying them to the live site, just to be sure everything will play nice. These updates and any recommendations will be noted in your Care Plan monthly report.

Templates and themes normally come with plenty of built-in features so that the user can have more customizability, but this ultimately weighs down the website in terms of load speed and SEO performance. It’s very likely that you’ll have to put up with features, designs, and functions that won’t necessarily fit your brand or business. You could pay a web development company to fix it, but every developer has their own signature style of programming, and it will most likely cost more in the long run to have your template adjusted to fit your needs.

Well, you COULD go with the guy on Kijiji that promised you a site for $300, but honestly, is that really what your business is worth to you?

Your website should be thought of as an investment, NOT and expense. By using a professional, you’re hiring someone who is going to think about the bigger picture and then create a plan to cover the important details:

  • User Experience
  • Unique design based on your business needs
  • Being 100% responsive across Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Smart Phone
  • Being search engine friendly so people can find you online
  • Testing to work across all browsers
  • And the MOST important! Converting visitors in paying customers!

Hey, we get it, sometimes relationships don’t work out, and that’s okay. With WordPress being used on roughly 43% of websites on the internet today, there is an abundance of developers that specialize in WordPress as a CMS Platform, it’s actually a major reason we use it!

We want our clients to be happy, even if that means parting ways sometimes, by building on WordPress, it allows another developer to take over in the future if necessary. If at any point in the relationship either of us feel like it’s no longer a good fit, we’ll help you transition to your new developer of choice.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge or aren’t sure what you want, we’d be happy to schedule a discovery session with you to discuss your website goals and a plan for achieving them. Once you have a plan, you’ll be able to make an educated decision on whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment to move forward. Learn more about a Discovery Session here.


"They created a beautiful website for us to showcase our business and have given us the freedom to maintain our site, allowing us to easily update our site and stay up-to-date with industry trends."
Eva Vandersanden
Annie Lane Events & Decor