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ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local

The Brief

ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local represents approximately 1350 public elementary occasional teachers in the Durham Region. When Karen approached Mediavadnals, her main concern with their site at the time was the inability to make minor text updates without needing to engage with a professional developer. She also had some great ideas for expanding on the offerings within the website, allowing members to receive a better overall experience when utilizing the site. The last piece of the pie (which needed to be tackled first) was a fresh design and a rebrand away from the old check mark logo that had been in use for as long as the staff could remember.

The Solution

We started the process with the rebrand as we knew the logo would be the key element in which all marketing materials would be based around. We wanted something that represented education, teachers and students, would be colourful and fresh, but still professional looking, and wouldn’t suddenly seem dated like the previous check mark logo. We liked the idea of an apple, a fitting representation of a good teacher that is appreciated and well liked by their students. Integrating a book into the design, the newly rebranded DOTL concept was born. The next step was to tear down the current site and rebuild it into a useful and educational resource for both the public and the DOTL members. The public side would need to contain regular updates such as career information, schools and upcoming events, while the members side would need to provide a password protected area of information for committees, AGM minutes, important forms, Health & Safety documents, galleries from special events, collective agreements and more.

The Result

The EFTO now has a powerful resource to keep members informed, allow easy access to important documents and allow the site to grow as needed. As an update to the case study, 2 new additions have been implemented into the website since the initial launch.

  • The lending library: which allows members to view and check out books from a library of over 250 titles. Each book has been indexed with a bar code within the site and a bar code scanner has been connected into the website software, allowing head office to scan books in and out of the library and ship to teachers upon checkout.
  • The elections riding platform: created with a custom interface that would give candidates the ability to upload bios, videos and running positions, this platform was utilized for the 2018 Elections to educate members on the candidates. This platform will serve as a useful resource in future elections, which happen every 2 years.

Services Provided

Custom WordPress Development
Custom Website design
Company Rebrand
Graphic Design
Calendar of Events
Membership system
Lending Library with barcode scanning capabilities
Elections platform


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