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GeriatRx Pharmacy

The Brief

GeriatRx Pharmacy provides support for long-term care and retirement facilities. With a group of doctors of Pharmacy and board-certified geriatric pharmacists, GeriatRx consultants are always seen as essential members of a facilities health care team. Randy approached us for a redesign of the website as he found the current site difficult to maintain without hiring outside help. The site was also outdated and didn’t translate well across mobile devices.

The Solution

GeriatRx had just commissioned a new logo and wanted the site designed to match the colour and style of the new branding, the red of the logo was used as the complementary colour to keep the website bright, but not hard on the viewer’s eyes. Custom icons were designed to represent each of the company services. The company also required a method for facilities to login and download medication sheets, but they also required a running log which facilities were logging in, as well as when they were logging in and what they were downloading so that the GeriatRx Consultants could properly advise each facility or catch any errors before they occurred. Co-owner Randy also sends out a monthly newsletter called the Geri-Journal, which keeps subscribers up to date on important information and topics  such as medications, viruses, and more. They wanted the ability to create a visible PDF archive on the public facing website that would be searchable based on keywords and phrases. We created custom administration features allowing the facilities section to be easily updated and maintained internally, as well as providing complete control over the Geri-Journal sections and keywords. 

The Result

Services Provided

Custom WordPress Development
Website Design
Graphic Design
Membership system
Custom Geri-Journal management
Facilities logging and document management
Incident Report conditional forms


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