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I draw pictures, I don’t write stories! (A.K.A. Our New Site)

I intended our first blog of 2017 (about our new website) to be written by Mediavandals co-founder Brandon, who created the concept for the new design, but when I asked him to write me up his experience during the planning and design, he quickly shot back “I draw pictures, I don’t write stories!”, so it looks like you’ll be stuck reading my thoughts rather than the thoughts of the creative guy..

Owning a Website Design Agency is very much like how the old story of the shoemaker goes, he’s so busy making shoes for everyone else, he never has time to maintain his own.

What do I mean by that? Well, we’re always so busy designing and maintaining the websites & graphics of everyone else, we rarely take a minute to update our own website with any of the new work we’ve rolled out. But every few years, I like to find some time to give us a facelift.

Technology and trends are always changing, and as a “digital” agency, it’s important for us to stay on top of them, failure to do so not only does an enormous disservice to our clients, it does a disservice to ourselves. After all, you can’t paint a Picasso if all you’ve got in your arsenal is a single brown crayon!

But first, let’s go back a bit before we go forward with this story.

Our last facelift was in Fall 2015, it was a good year, the weather was still warm in September, we took a company road trip to the East Coast, and our Creative Lead / Co-Founder Brandon had just won a CCMA Award for Album Design of the Year! We decided that this would be the perfect time to take the site in a completely different design direction from our regular Black & White company branding style.

We stuck with the paint splash Mediavandals theme, but played with the idea of removing the portfolio in favour of a few case studies about some of our favourite projects over the years.

While the site design had turned out to be much more colourful that our previous versions had been, it never really stuck with any of us. After a while, we started to think maybe it was too cluttered, we began removing pieces and adding in other assets. But it just never quite felt right.

Well, that time has come again, a new year, a new facelift. We began by mapping out what pages we would keep, and what would go. We wanted to bring our services down to a few key items so we could really focus on providing our clients with the best service possible. But we also wanted to make it easy to find information on the website without having to search through a ton of pages. Each service provides some information and a few key portfolio pieces that showcase the work we do.

We’ve brought back the portfolio, which our clients always found helpful to use as examples when telling us about their project. We really liked the colourful paint splash from the last version, so decided to continue with it as part of our brand, but instead drastically reduce the size of the header on the website.

Gone are the drop shadows and sliding header images, replaced with solid colours and easy to read fonts. We’ve also removed the ‘boxed in’ feel in favour of a full width website. We wanted to stick with the basics, following Google’s best practices for design and giving the site a clean, modern feel.

I have to say, I’m really feeling this one!  I hope you like what we’ve done as much as we do.. It’s about time we “tended to those holes” in our shoes 😉

Want to chat about how we can help give your site a fresh look? Give us a call: 1-888-983-2192.

Until next time…. Sheila

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