Do The Toronto Blue Jays Have A Shot?

Let's Go Blue JaysAnyone who watched the Toronto Blue Jays lose the game Friday night against Detroit, after entering the ninth inning with a two run lead, has to be thinking about whether or not the Jays have lost their chance of making an appearance in October.

Scraping by with a win today, the Jays have fallen from the high pedestal they sat on back in May. Kicking off this season with a less-than hype-worthy 3 1/2 games back after losing 15 of 27 games in April, they went on to astonish fans with an incredible nine game winning streak. Now, Jays’ fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for a comeback after seeing their reign fall slowly throughout the summer.

Currently they sit third in their division, after the Yanks pulled ahead to take the number two spot behind Baltimore. Although the Jays have shown their ability to take the stronghold of the standing they still fail to be reunited with what Toronto fans consider their rightful throne.

But why?

It has been a turn around season for Cabrera after a speedy recovery from back surgery in the off-season. Encarnacion broke the May home-run record set by Mickey Mantle back in 1956. Bautista continues to show why he is such an asset to the team after making it to the all-star game (along with pitcher Beuhrle and an injured Encarnacion) and hitting ten homers his first at bat and Reyes is one of the best shortstops in the league. So why are they not getting the results that they want?

Injuries have been a big setback to the team. Pitcher Brandon Morrow is on the Disabled list along with three of out starting infielders. It has been a hard season of injuries for the Jays and although they are pulling together as a team, it is hard to avoid these unforeseen circumstances.

The trade deadline was another lack-luster event for the Jays. Coming up to the deadline the team acquired Danny Valencia for Liam Hendrix and Erik Kratz, but when the deadline came the Jays remained silent while Detroit and Oakland both picked up substantial pitching talent and Boston made big moves for the future.

So what does this mean for the rest of the Jays season?

Cross your fingers. That is basically the hope that fans have for the rest of the season, this is the team Anthopoulos is sticking with for the post season and Gibbons is going to make the best of what he’s got- or doesn’t have including injuries. The stars have to align and shine for the Jays in order to secure their spot. Fans may be watching their domination of the AL East come to a halt, and should start wishing for Lawrie, Lind and Encarnacion to enter back into the game and produce results.