Why Autumn Is The Best Season

The summer is coming to a close and it will be officially fall in just a few days. Most people love the fun and warm weather that summer brings, but comparatively summer falls short of autumn. Here are ten reasons that autumnĀ is the best time of year.


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1. Activities are inexpensive. Summer fun is all about theme parks, attractions and expensive excursions, but this season is filled with hayrides, baking, leaves, and pumpkin patches. The only expensive thing about October is Halloween, and lets face it, dressing up for free candy is a win-win.

2. Everything becomes itself again. It is true that leaves are actually the colour we see them in fall. They return to their natural colour after a summer of photosynthesizing, which fills them with so much chlorophyl that they turn green! On that note, say goodbye to diets and squeezing into fashionable clothing, and hello to big warm sweaters and ass-widening baked goods and comfort foods.

3 Sports fans reunite! Here come the world series, regular season football and hockey all in one big a-game-for-every-night-of-the-week kind of way. Although get use to people whining about how bad their favourite teams are doing, because somehow we all love the underdog.

4 Halloween. FREE CANDY AND DRESSING UP?! Oh, yes. Plus who doesn’t love a good scare? Around Halloween you can expect a good horror movie to hit theatres, Monster Mash to be playing in stores and the best thing about Halloween… haunted houses!

5 Thanksgiving. Turkey! Gobble gobble gobble! It has been ages since it was cold enough outside to dare to even turn on the over, never mind spending all day baking a delicious turkey dinner with all the fixings. Suddenly family comes out of the woodwork to gather around an amazing feast and be thankful just to have the time to spend with one another.

6 Apples. Apples are just as important to fall as pumpkins. Apple pies, caramel and candy apples, apple bobbing, apple picking, and the list can really go on forever… Apple cider!? Fresh?! From a farm!! Sign me up! Along with apples it is harvest season, so all the good pickings just in time for Thanksgiving.

7 TV is back! Summer re-runs are over and new episodes of all your favourite shows are on every night of the week. Between that, sports, and all these baked goods, it looks like were packing on the winter weight early.


Courtesy of Pinterest

8 Extra sleep because of daylight savings time. Are you going to complain with an extra hour of sleep? Granted that it gets darker faster and colder by the day but that makes it even easier to get in that comfortable hibernation mode. No more 5 in the morning sunshine blaring through your window and annoying blue jays squawking in the tree outside making it impossible to sleep in. Warm comfortable bed on a chilly night, no more sweating buckets sleeping with only a sheet on praying for a breeze to appear at your window. Now we can brake out the warm cost blankets and fuzzy socks.

9 The sheer beauty of the season. Leaves may be the best and worst thing about autumn. The colour change is one of natures on phenomenon that you can see from space. The earth turns from bright green to a rustic red and jumping into piles of leaves is hilariously fun. But, you have to rake them and those piles consist of dirt and bugs. Either way, a nice drive through the country is breathtakingly beautiful this time of year.

10 Last, but agreeably the greatest thing in the world- NO MORE MOSQUITOES! No more bites and itching and bussing in your ear! No more gross, stinky, chemical-filled repellents or spending money on products that don’t work.

All in all the wonders of the season have just begun! So goodbye summer and hello fall, we welcome you with open, and not-so-sweaty arms. Some are reluctant to say goodbye to beaches and sunburns, but we have a lot of wonderful festivities to look forward to and some much needed family time, and that is why autumn is the best season.