Because Website Care After Launch Shouldn't Be an Afterthought.

It is fundamental to the success of your Dental Practice, and you want peace of mind that it will be up and available for your audience 24/7 without interruption.

Get Expert
Save Time
& Money
Have Peace
Of Mind

Your website is crucial to your Dental Practice

It generates leads, new patients and revenue (or at least it should). It’s a channel through which your current patients, suppliers, potential new staff and partners will find you and engage with you.

This service is designed to offer you the assurance that you have a skilled partner who can help you achieve your online objectives. Keep your focus on the prize, your dental practice, and leave the heavy lifting to us, we’ve got your back.

Working with us means your website will continue to drive attention and new patients into your practice at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do it yourself.

Uptime Monitoring

If your site goes down, we’ll be notified immediately and work to get the problem solved without you having to worry. “If” that ever happens, we’ll provide a report of our findings.

Traffic Reports

Get valuable insights and a deeper understanding of your visitors. Know where your visitors are coming from, how they found you, how they’re using your website, and what keywords they searched.

Free SSL Certificate

Every site on our hosting includes a free SSL certificate. Let your patients know their data is secure when viewing your website. An added bonus to SSL is it will help your search engine rankings!

Blazing-fast Hosting

Impressive load speeds on every site, backed by the world class Google Cloud platform! Our web platform is more scalable, resilient, and faster than ever. 

Hacker-free Security

We keep on top of the latest security vulnerabilities and  threats, proactively blocking them whenever they can. If your site is somehow hacked, we’ll clean it up for free!

Nightly Back-ups

What if something happens to your website? Rest easy knowing that it’s back up every single night, so we can restore to the most recent “healthy” version quickly.

Broken Link Checks

Having broken links on your website can create a bad experience for visitors. It also hurts your rankings in search engines like Google! We’ll perform regular checks of your website to ensure you always look good online.

Software Licenses

If you subscribe to a care plan and we built your site, our developer software licenses allow us to cover commonly used premium plugins within your website. Freeing you up from yearly software subscription fees.

Content Delivery Network

A slow website will hurt your dental practice.. a lot. Improve the experience for visitors by helping deliver high quality content around the world without slow loading speeds.


$ 85
+HST *
  • Premium WordPess Hosting
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Daily Onsite Backups
  • Monthly Offsite Backups
  • Website Software Updates
  • Free SSL Certificate & CDN
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Monthly Database Cleaning
  • Website Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Reports
  • Broken Link Checks
  • Privacy & TOS Policies
  • Website Updates Incl.

The Essentials

$ 125
+HST *
  • Premium WordPess Hosting
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Daily Onsite Backups
  • Weekly Offsite Backups
  • Website Software Updates
  • Free SSL Certificate & CDN
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Monthly Database Cleaning
  • Website Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Reports
  • Broken Link Checks
  • Privacy & TOS Policies
  • Website Updates Incl.
Most Popular


$ 250
+HST *
  • Premium WordPress Hosting
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Daily Offsite Backups
  • Daily Onsite Backups
  • Website Software Updates
  • Free SSL Certificate & CDN
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Weekly Database Cleaning
  • Website Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Reports
  • Broken Link Checks
  • Privacy & TOS Policies
  • Website Updates Incl. (90 min) *

Ready For Peace Of Mind?


Need help? Be sure to read the most Frequently Asked Questions below. Chances are, the answers to your questions have already been documented!

Can I subscribe to web care if my site was built elsewhere?

Our website care plans are typically reserved for clients who have had their website built by us.

If we’ve built it, we know every line of code and all of the variables and combinations of things that hang together to make it work, so we are in the best position to keep your website up and running and open for business.

If your website was built elsewhere we would require a Website Evaluation in order to ensure we understand how the site was built and if there are any elements of concern we (and you) should be aware of.

Once we’ve completed our evaluation, we’ll determine if one of our care plans might be a suitable fit for your needs. If not, we’ll recommend a more suitable provider.

Our fee for performing a Website Evaluation is $449 +HST.

Give us a call if you’d like to discuss his service further.

How do website updates work?

You simply send us an email with clear instructions on the content you want to change on your website and we’ll schedule the work and let you know when it’s done – usually by the next business day.

Changes include any text or image change that will take us 30 minutes or less. This typically covers things like updating an event page, adding a testimonials section or editing your menu items.

These tasks do not cover advanced or custom features like an online shop or membership section. They also don’t cover graphic design tasks.

What happens if my website goes down, is hacked, breaks, etc?

The whole purpose of our care plans is preventative care, so we work hard to prevent anything from happening.

However, in the case something does happen and your website needs emergency care, we will be there right by its side communicating with the web hosting company on your behalf.

We cannot promise your website will not be hacked but can promise we will do everything in our power to prevent it, as well as assist in the restoration and cleanup of the website with one of our backups.

What if I need something outside the plans?

If you have a task that is beyond what is included in your plan, we’ll need you to fill in a separate project brief so we can be clear on what you need and create a separate quote.

However, many times we will evaluate requests that exceed your plan on a case by case basis, and with approval, work past the time and bill for time exceeded at the support rate listed on your plan.

Can I use my own website host?

No, it’s been our experience that many hosting providers either overload their servers or do not meet our minimum requirements for security, speed and WordPress optimization.

All of our Care Plan clients are hosted on our Premium Agency Server which is specifically tuned for WordPress.

Every account includes dedicated resources, so you aren’t sharing your server space with anyone else, leading to better performance and security.

Once you become a client of Mediavandals, we’ll migrate you to your dedicated space at no extra charge (a $199 value).

How does billing work?

Once you choose your care plan level, you’ll receive an onboarding package which includes a Terms of Service agreement, your first invoice and a Credit Card authorization form to complete your sign-up.

Depending on the date of sign-up, your card will be automatically processed on either the 1st or the 15th of each month.

You may cancel your care plan at any time with 30 days written notice.

Can I cancel at any time?


We are all about building a valuable relationship with you and your website, so we would hate to see you go but we know financial needs weigh on many decisions and don’t want to lock anyone in.

You may request a cancellation via email with 30 days notice to, and we will immediately stop the next payment.

How many websites will my care plan cover?

Each of our above plans covers monthly care of one (1) standard WordPress website. Please contact us to discuss costing for Ecommerce Care Plans.

Do my monthly tasks or strategy consultation calls rollover if I don't use them?

No, much like a gym membership the call time and tasks are there for you every month to reserve your place in our queue, and therefore they do not rollover.

Should I be updating my WordPress and plugins?

No. Have peace of mind knowing that we manage plugin updates for all Care Plan clients. Please leave the updating to us.

Website maintenance is an integral part of updating and keeping your site working properly and we take great care to first backup the website, check the website, update, then check the website again for any changes.

Our software keeps a record of plugins we update so if there is ever an issue we can see what plugin version was changed and revert back.

If you merely update from your WordPress dashboard, we wouldn’t have that record and might experience difficulty pinpointing the underlying issue.

I got an email my website was hacked. What do I do?

If you received an email about your website files being compromised, first make sure it is legitimate. Any emails regarding your website or hosting would come from a member of our team with an address.

If you are unsure, forward the email to our support team using the support email address provided to you upon sign-up.

If we investigate and find this is a legitimate issue, we will manage clean-up and restore your website under the terms of your website care plan.

If it is not a legitimate email, we will inform you and will advise to add the sender to your spam list.

Unfortunately as long as there have been websites, there have been people willing to hack them and we can’t 100% guarantee this won’t happen, but we’ll do everything in our power to prevent it, and if it does happen, we’ll work with your web host to get you back up and running quickly.

My website is down! What do I do?

If your website is not loading, first check to make sure this is the same experience for everyone at DownForEveryoneOrJustMe –

If the website is down just for you, try clearing your browser history (cache and cookies) and reload, also checking your internet connection. If the website is down for everyone, send us a support request to our support email.

Most likely our website uptime monitor has already alerted us by that point and we’re already working on the issue, but your peace of mind is what’s most important!

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